Are you searching for a church where truth is taught and people are nurtured in love? Finding a church can be a challenge. At Covenant Reformed Church in San Diego (SDCRC) you will find a congregation committed to the Bible and accepting people from all walks of life. Here you will find a joyful and grateful people who earnestly desire to serve the risen Christ and one another.

Each Sunday we meet to worship God in a reverent, joyful and simple manner, in order to be strengthened in faith by hearing Christ proclaimed from the Scriptures, to encourage and help one another in our Christian walk, and to bear witness for Jesus Christ through lives that have been transformed by his gospel. Are you looking for serious Christianity where the Bible is still believed and taught, and where God is still worshipped with joyful reverence and awe? Are you interested to learn more of God and to experience His grace in your life?

You are cordially invited to visit Covenant Reformed church!